Preferred Dealer Network

Preferred Dealer Network


Our here to help philosophy extends to helping you find the right auto dealer or broker too! If you're looking to buy a new or used vehicle, take a look at our select dealers and broker partners. This hand-picked group of auto dealers meets our high standards in service and is committed to giving each and every Credit Union of Colorado member fair and honest treatment and pricing.​


Members purchasing a vehicle at one of these locations and financing with us will receive a special discounted rate of .25% OFF our regular loan rate.


Frequently Asked Questions - Preferred Dealer Network

This hand-picked group of auto dealers meets our high standards and is committed to giving each and every Credit Union of Colorado Member fair, respectful, and honest treatment and pricing.

Our Credit Union Preferred Dealer Network Representative has established relationships with each of the dealers on our list. Each dealer has a proven track record of excellent customer service and is held to the same high standards of treating our members fairly.

Auto brokers are registered dealerships that can procure any vehicle make or model new or used for our members. They work with the wholesale department of the dealership so they can get wholesale pricing on a new vehicle and pass that savings on along to our members. With a broker the member never has to go to a dealership as the broker can bring vehicles to members to test drive. In most cases a broker will bring several vehicles of different makes and models to test drive side by side so the member can easily decide which vehicle will be best for them and their family. Once they decide on a vehicle, the broker can complete all of the paperwork for the member. In some cases our brokers will also send a staff member to the DMV to pick up our members plates so they don’t have to take a day off of work to get their plates.

Yes. All of our broker partners can offer the FlexChoice Auto Loan product.

When you are signing all of the paperwork at the dealership you will sign what is called a Retail Installment Contract. On this Contract you will have your interest rate, payment amount and first payment date among other things. On the front and back of this contract there is a spot where the lien holder should be identified. The Lien Holder will be the credit union. If the name on that section is not listed as Credit Union of Colorado your loan will not be coming to the credit union.

Yes, auto brokers are licensed dealers so they can evaluate your trade and give you market value for it.

When you go to the dealer it is helpful to have your pre-approval information as well as insurance information to complete the paperwork at the dealership. You will need to fill out and sign a credit application at the dealership.
If you want to complete all required paperwork at the time of purchase then yes. If you are ok waiting on the vehicle then the dealer can mail documents to your co-signer or your co-signer can go to the dealership at a different time to sign all the paper work. Basically a co-singer will need to sign all of the same paperwork as the primary borrower.

You will need to have your automobile insurance coverage up to date and full coverage as required by Colorado law.

You have two options. 1) You can close at the dealership as you purchase your vehicle. 2) You can ask the dealership to give you a Buyers Order. You can take that Buyers Order to the branch and close at the branch. After you close you will need to take a letter of credit back to the dealership to finalize some remaining paperwork and pick up your vehicle.
Yes. For your protection, you will need to give the dealership your last name and SSN in order for the dealership to locate your pre-approval information in the system.
Yes. The system we use to accept applications from dealers automatically pulls a credit bureau when the application is submitted. Credit Bureaus will only show one hit on your credit for each credit pull by dealers during a 30 day period to allow you to shop at different locations for vehicles without being penalized.

If you need additional help selecting a Preferred Dealer, don't hesitate to give us a call, chat or email us.


Click here to download a PDF list of the Preferred Dealers in your area.