Addressing Racial and Economic Inequality

Like many in our community, we mourn the death of George Floyd and others who are victims of racial profiling and excessive use of force. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and support the constitutional right to assemble and express opinions in the form of peaceful protest.

Credit Union of Colorado has always stood for inclusivity, financial equity, and fairness. We also strongly believe in partnering with our community so we can help create a better future.

This past week we hosted a company-wide town hall conversation to discuss our responsibility to act against racial injustice. To that end, we are engaging our children, family, and friends in difficult discussions about racism and prejudice. We commit to being part of the solution to human rights abuses with our voices, our hands, and our dollars.

In our offices across Colorado, we will continue to cultivate an honest, collaborative environment that fosters a culture of respect and welcomes all who come through our doors.

Terry Leis