How to Change your ATM or Debit Card PIN Number PDF Print E-mail
Do you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your Credit Union of Colorado ATM card or debit card that you can’t ever seem to remember? Well then we have great news for you! You have the flexibility to change your PIN to a number you want at your convenience! Here’s how it works:

  • Change your PIN by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call the Card Management Center at 1-800-448-8268 and type in your card number, listen to the prompts and select the prompt to change your PIN. You’ll have to enter your current PIN and the expiration date of your card. The system will prompt you to enter a new PIN and then will prompt you to confirm your new PIN a second time. Note: The new PIN can only be four (4) digits. For your safety, avoid selecting numbers that are easily identified such as a birth date or partial Social Security number.

  • Change your PIN at any Credit Union of Colorado ATM machine. Enter your card in the machine reader and choose the “Other Selections” option. Next, select the “PIN Change” option and follow the steps on the screen to change your PIN.

For more information on this service, please contact us at 303-832-4816 or 1-800-444-4816.


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