Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile

You can deposit into any of our personal checking accounts, savings accounts, or insured money market accounts.

Yes. When you first access this service with your smartphone or tablet, you must accept Terms and Conditions prior to using Mobile Deposit.

Yes. Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, you have immediate access to Mobile Deposit. New members have access to this service within one business day.

Deposits usually post to your account within minutes of scanning your check. The availability of funds is based on our Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions.

Yes. The daily limit is $3,000 per day per member.

Yes. The monthly limit is $10,000 per month per member.

Yes. You can make several deposits per day up to a limit of $3,000. However, there may be a two-business-day hold placed on some or all the items deposited that day. If you have any questions about daily limits, email us at or call us at 800-444-4816.

Yes. There may be holds, similar to depositing a check at a branch or ATM.

Domestic checks made payable to the owner(s) of your Credit Union of Colorado account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These items CANNOT be used with Mobile Deposit and must be brought to one of our branch offices:

  • savings bonds
  • foreign checks
  • third-party checks
  • items stamped "non-negotiable”
  • incomplete checks
  • stale-dated checks (more than 6 months old)
  • post-dated checks (dated for a future day)
  • any checks that contain evidence of alteration to the information
  • checks purporting to be a lottery or prize winning

If you have any questions, email us at, or call us at 800-444-4816.

Yes. Endorse the back of your check with “Mobile Deposit CUofCO,” account number, and signature. If you don’t, you’ll get an error message and be asked to endorse the check again and retake the photo.

No. Variation in check sizes, colors and designs can impact the readability of the check. If a check cannot be read, bring the check into one of our branch offices or mail it to: Credit Union of Colorado, 1390 Logan St, Denver, CO 80203. NOTE: We recommend that you save your checks for 30 days.

Please keep the check for at least 30 days in case there is a problem with the deposit. After 30 days, and confirmation that the deposited funds have been correctly applied to your account, shred the check or mark it "VOID.”

Canceling is not necessary. This service is available for you to use as needed and is free of charge.

Yes. The link between your mobile device and our Mobile Deposit site are encrypted to industry standards. Your scanned check is safe and secure.

The quickest way to verify your deposit is to go into Online Banking or Mobile Banking and see the deposit credited to your account.

If you are using a 1st generation or 2nd generation iPad, you cannot use our Mobile Deposit feature, because your device doesn’t have a camera or has a low quality camera.