Frequently Asked Questions - Text Banking

It’s a convenient, secure way to access your Credit Union of Colorado account by text messages.





Balance Inquiry

B  or  BAL

Balance information on accounts and loans

History of Transactions

H  or  HIST

5 most recent transactions for all accounts

History of Transactions for a specific account  


H ‘acct ID’ or  HIST ‘acct ID’


(i.e. H S08 for checking account transactions)


5 most recent transactions for a specific account


Transfer Between personal accounts

X ‘source ID’ ‘destination ID’ ‘amount’


(i.e. X S01 S08 100 would transfer 100 from savings to checking)


Transfer funds between personal accounts




Shows a list of available commands



Support and contact information for Credit Union of Colorado



Unsubscribe from the service


Very. Text banking does not provide the account number or your personal information through text. Information is sent only to the number(s) that you have registered and verified.

Register through our mobile application or mobile website. Registration cannot be completed via online banking. To unsubscribe, deactivate the enrolled mobile phone via the mobile application or mobile website. Or text STOP to 86020.

No. After registering and verifying your mobile number, you can begin using Text Banking.

There is no charge for set-up or use. Text rates may apply, so check with your carrier service.

All major cell phone providers do.

Yes, if the plan includes text messages.

Yes. You can get information for any account linked to your member number.

Responses are usually sent within a few seconds.

Yes. Funds can be transferred with text banking.

No. Transfers are only allowed within your account.

Yes. $10,000 per day.

This feature isn’t available for text banking. However, you can register for eAlerts in Online Banking and get real-time notifications by email or text message.

No. Only one account can be registered per device. If you want to get the balances of other accounts, you can do that through mobile banking, online banking, in a branch, or by calling 800-444-4816.

You can register up to three phones per account, but only one account is allowed per device.

Past due loans will not appear any different in text banking.

Yes. The overdrawn balance with appear in parentheses '$(100.00)'.

Yes. Information can be updated at any time by the mobile application or mobile website.

Phone numbers can be removed and/or updated from the mobile application or mobile website. Or call 800-444-4816 to have the phone number removed.

No. Texts are one way to you; no one monitors texts on the Credit Union of Colorado side.