Frequently Asked Questions - Adding Companies and People to Pay

We maintain relationships with thousands of companies, and manage their contact info for you. We don’t have to ask you for the contact info for these companies because we already have it. If the address changes, these companies contact us directly.

Your account number is the most reliable way to ensure that the company can credit your payments properly. If your account info is not correct, your payment may be credited late or not at all. Late fees, finance charges, or service disconnections may result. The Service Guarantee applies to payments only if all the info you provided is accurate.

Sometimes companies use repeated characters (such as ***, ###, or xxx) to hide part of your account number on statements or bills. Be sure to enter your full account number instead of the characters used to hide your account number. We need the full account number to ensure that your payment is credited properly.

If you have an account number, please be sure to enter it. Some small companies, such as landscaping or cleaning services for example, may not assign you an account number. If you don't have an account number, you can enter other info that identifies you to the company you are paying. For example, you can use your service address or the name on the account.

If the company or person doesn’t accept electronic payments, we print and mail a check on your behalf.