Important Colorado State Tax refund notice

We have had inquiries regarding a letter sent to Colorado State tax payers who have received their tax refund checks. These inquiries are in regard to the following language in this letter:

“Visit any Wells Fargo branch to cash this refund check for no fee. The Colorado Department of Revenue is unable to reimburse fees charged by any other bank for this service.”

Please be aware you are not required to visit a Wells Fargo branch to cash your refund check. Members of our Credit Union in good standing are not charged any fee for cashing a refund check. You can also deposit your endorsed tax refund check via remote deposit capture, ATM deposit where accessible or by bringing your check into any one of our 15 branches. Please remember to endorse your check at the time of deposit to ensure the deposit is not returned. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-444-4816.