Bill Pay Sneak Peek

Meet the new and improved BILL PAY from Credit Union of Colorado

Meet the new and improved Bill Pay Service from Credit Union of Colorado. We're excited about the expanded level of service and improved functionality the Bill Pay system will offer you.

Enhanced features to manage your money and easily pay your bills:

  • Faster payment options
  • Funding occurs on due date
  • Ability to add payees through mobile devices
  • eBills to provide you the due date and amount due without visiting multiple biller websites
  • “Review Payments” screen will identify if a payment is made by check or electronically

Here’s a sneak peek of how the new Bill Pay will work:

Here’s a sneak peek of how the new Bill Pay will work:

  • Payment Center Screen and eBills

    • This shows the expanded view to set up eBills for this particular bill. 
    • Note the intuitive payment center, easy-to-use reminder system, and rush delivery option. 


  • Bill Pay Calendar Screen

    Payment Calendar Screen

    • Easily select the date that your bill will actually get paid. 
    • Rush delivery options available.  

    Payment Schedule Information

    Instead of choosing between a send by date or an arrival date, you will select a single Deliver By date, which is the date the amount will be deducted from your account and payment delivered to the biller. (Note: In the event a biller does not accept electronic payments, the money will be subtracted from your account when the recipient deposits the check.)


  • Bill Pay Review Screen

    Payment Review Screen

    • Simply review payments and submit payment requests.
  • Bill Pay Activity Screen

    Activity Screen

    • Review history of payments.
    • Confirm that payments are processed.
    • Search for previously made payments by payee and/or date range.



How to take advantage of the new Bill Pay system: 

If you utilize Bill Pay service through your checking or money market accounts only, then the transition on June 21, 2017 will be seamless. Your payees and payee history will transition over to our new Bill Pay platform. 

If you utilize Bill Pay service through your savings account, the transition to our new system will require action on your behalf by June 16, 2017. Because savings accounts are classified as non-transactional accounts according to Federal Regulations, the use of savings accounts with Bill Pay will not be supported by our new Bill Pay system.

What steps do savings account Bill Pay users need to take to continue using the enhanced Bill Pay service starting June 21, 2017? 

  1. If you utilize your savings account to pay bills, you’ll need to change the funding source within the current Bill Pay platform to either checking or a money market account (if applicable) for the individual bills paid out of savings. This will need to be complete by June 16, 2017.
  2. If you receive direct deposits to your savings account to fund your bill payments each month, be aware that the funds to pay bills will need to be transferred to your checking account or money market account. This can be set up as an automatic transfer or you can initiate a transfer through Online Banking, as needed.
    • Contact one of our friendly Member Advocates via phone for assistance to help you transition from paying bills out of your savings to your checking account (303-832-4816 or 1-800-444-4816)
    • Visit one of our 15 branch locations

Of course, you can always contact us with any questions you have about this transition at 303-832-4816 or 1-800-444-4816.