Rethink your refi. We make it an easy, hassle-free way to save.

Get ready to pay less for your mortgage, HELOC, vehicle loan or credit card through Credit Union of Colorado. That’s because, with our competitive rates and helpful service, we can show you just how easy and hassle-free it can be and, most importantly, how much you’ll save.

Mortgage and 2nd Mortgage Loans

Your home is one of your biggest purchases, why not save some money where you can?

Just choose from a variety of refinance terms, get an attractive interest rate and enjoy low closing costs that are quoted up front. 


Did you know you can even save money on your home equity line of credit?

We make it quick and simple to do by spelling everything out, being transparent and respecting your time. 

Rates effective as of August 3, 2020

Details Annual Percentage Rate
Up to 80% of appraised value (or less)
Wall Street Journal Prime Rate  -.750%
As low as 4.00% APR
80.01% - 90% of appraised value
Wall Street Journal Prime Rate +1.00%
As low as 4.25% APR

Vehicle Loans

Whether your mode of transportation involves four wheels or two, there’s a way to put more gas money in your pocket. Refinance your new or used auto loan and get rates lower than most dealers can match.

We also have motorcycle and RV refinancing. 

Rates as low as 2.99% APR

Credit Card Transfers

If you’re in the mood to save, why not pay less on your credit card, starting today?

Simply transfer your existing balance to our Platinum Preferred Credit Card or Platinum Preferred Rewards Credit Card and start enjoying a great low rate. No balance transfer fee. No cash advance fee. No annual fee. Period.

Rates effective as of August 3, 2020

 Details Annual Percentage Rate
Visa Platinum Preferred Credit Card As low as 6.25% APR* 
Visa Platinum Preferred Rewards Credit Card As low as 7.25% APR*

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Actual terms may vary and are subject to credit approval. Current variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is as low as 4.00%. Maximum APR is 18.00% or maximum rate allowed by law. Minimum payments calculated over remaining term amortization schedule based on current balance or $100, whichever is greater. Contact the credit union for estimated closing costs.

New & Used Auto Loans

Rate adjustments for extended terms and vehicle loan to value (LTV) apply.

New vehicles are those of current or prior model year with 2000 or less miles. New vehicle loans less than $25,000 may have terms up to 75 months. New vehicle loans over $25,000 may have terms up to 84 months.

Used vehicle loans over $25,000 may have terms up to 84 months.

First 90-day payments are deferred for vehicle purchases and external vehicle refinances only. Interest will accrue during the entire term of the loan including the non-payment period.

Estimated monthly payment of $16.45 per thousand borrowed at 2.99% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), based on a 66 month term. Loan rates displayed are Annual Percentage Rates (APR). Your rate may vary based on personal credit history and will be provided by the Credit Union upon approval of a completed loan application. All rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Credit Cards

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Your rate is determined by your credit history at the time of application.