Going Green

We’re Going Green—And You Can, Too.

We believe that taking care of our members means taking care of the place we all live, too. That’s why we’re committed to “green” business practices and to helping you find ways to save money and resources wherever possible.

What We’re Doing

Each year, we recycle more than 83,000 pounds of paper, but that’s just the start:

  • All new carpeting is made from recyclable fiber mesh.
  • All new painting is done with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint.
  • Automatic temperature controls in our branches adjust heating and cooling to save more than $13,000 a year.
  • Light fixtures at branches across the state have been replaced with high efficiency fixtures and LEDs.
  • We use recycled printer cartridges and recycle them after use.
  • In one branch, the monthly water bill has been cut by 40% with xeriscaping and high efficiency sprinkler heads.
  • All future branches will meet or exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the 2012 Energy Code.

What You Can Do

Help us “go green” by following these easy ways to save money and the environment:

Bank online—Save fuel by making transfers, viewing your statements, even applying for a loan or new account online, safely and securely.

Sign up for e-statements—Ditch the paper and get electronic statements instead.

Use mobile deposit—Save paper and fuel by downloading the Android™ or iPhone® app and using our Mobile Deposit feature. With it, you securely deposit checks into your checking, savings, or insured money market account by simply taking a photo.

Use direct deposit—Save a trip to the bank on payday and have your payroll deposited directly into your account.

Use your debit card—Don’t forget your debit card can take the place of a check, reducing paper and the transportation costs of routing a check.

Save Money and the Planet!

Our energy Efficiency Plan is an ongoing, year-round effort. We hope you’ll join us and see how easy it is to “go green.“ Give us a call if you have any questions about our conservation and efficiency measures.