FlexChoice Auto Loan

Think you can’t get more car for your money? You can!

How would you like a vehicle financing program that combines the best features of conventional vehicle financing with the benefits of leasing? Our low monthly FlexChoice auto loan payments give you more car for your money, and you have the valuable equity that comes with owning your vehicle.

Lower your monthly payments.

Like a lease, the FlexChoice auto loan provides monthly payments which are considerably lower than conventional financing. But unlike a lease, with the FlexChoice auto loan, you own the vehicle.

Change your vehicle every few years!

Drive a reliable vehicle without breaking your budget and put yourself in a better financial situation. You have the option to sell, trade, refinance your vehicle at anytime. You can even “walk away” when your loan term is up. Disposition fee, excessive wear and tear and excessive mileage charges may apply.

With the FlexChoice Auto Loan there is

  • No Money Due At Signing, First or Last Payment.

  • No Security Deposit.

  • No Early Payoff Penalty.


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See how much you could save with our FlexChoice Auto Loan calculator.

Rates effective as of October 20, 2020

Details Annual Percentage Rate
Any amount financed
up to 48 months
As low as 2.99%
(48 months or less and LTV 80% or less)*


FlexChoice Auto Loan

All new and up to five-year-old vehicles qualify for FlexChoice Auto Loan.

All vehicles can be financed for up to 48 months. Other benefits of FlexChoice Auto Loan  include:

•No Capitalization Fees
•No First or Last payment required at origination
•$795 Program Fee (can be financed into the loan)
•Minimum 660 credit score
•Option to Sell, Trade, Finance Vehicle Anytime or Return Vehicle at Loan Maturity and simply “Walk away”.
• No Early Payoff Penalty
•100% Financing with NO MONEY DOWN.
•Same rates as our conventional loans.
•Mileage Options of 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 Per Year Available