College will cost you. We can help.

Pack your textbooks and syllabus, because you’re off to college. With the help of our Higher Education Tuition Loans, more of our members are able to afford colleges and universities for themselves, their kids, or their grandchildren.

Higher Education Loans

Rates effective as of August 3, 2020

Details Annual Percentage Rate
  As low as 8.25% 
  • Maximum term is 96 months.
  • Maximum amount is $10,000 per year, $70,000 total (including other unsecured debt with the Credit Union).
  • Tuition for not-for-profit private or public post-secondary schools. 
  • Loan proceeds will be paid to the school. 
  • Borrower must be the student, parent, grandparent or guardian of the student.

Our loans are for members aged 18 or older and the borrower must be the student or the parent, grandparent, or guardian of the student. Loans are for tuition only and only one loan is available per semester; proceeds are paid to the school. Trade schools and proprietary (for profit) schools are not eligible. In school payment is required.