Fee Schedule

Rates effective as of October 20, 2020

Description Amount
Membership Share $25 Par Value 
Account Closure Fee  $25 if closed within 90 days 
Account History Fee  $1 per page 
Account Reconciliation Fee  $15 per hour 

Account to Account Transfer Fee:
Funds sent to another financial institution

Funds sent to another financial institution (Express)

$3 per transfer

$8 per transfer

ATM Fee  $1 each if more than eight (8) per month (at foreign ATMs) 
Bill Pay Overnight Check Fee  $14.95 per check 
Bill Pay Same Day Payment Fee  $9.95 per payment 
Cashier's Check Fee $3 per check 
Check Cashing Fee  $5 per check if less than $100 is maintained in share account and no other services are being used. 
Check Copy Fee  $2 per check. No charge for first two (2) checks ordered within thirty (30) days of most recent statement. 
Checks by Phone Fee  $5 per check 
Check Printing Fee Prices vary
Clearing Fee  $25 per item 
Collections Item-Incoming Fee  $10 per item 
Collections Item-Outgoing Fee  Actual Cost 
*Courtesy Pay Fee  $25 per item 
Credit Union Check Fee

$2 per check if more than three (3) per month

Deposited Foreign Item Fee $10 per item 
Deposited Item Return Fee  $25 per item 
*Excess Tran Fee (Money Market Plus Account)  $15 each if more than three (3) debit transactions per calendar month 
*IRA/ESA Origination Fee  $5 per account 
*Minimum Balance Fee (Premier Checking)  $8 per month (if balance falls below $250 minimum) 
*Monthly Account Fee (Premier Plus Checking)  $5 per month 
NSF Fee (Non-Sufficient Funds, ACH, Draft or Bill Pay) $25 per item, per occurrence 
Research Fee $15 per hour
Returned Statement Fee $5 after two (2) consecutively returned statements
*SimpleSaverĀ® Fee $2 per month, waived if enrolled in e-statements
Statement Copy Fee $2 per copy
Stop Payment Fee $20 per request
Temporary Checks Fee $1 per four (4)
VISA Debit Overdrawn Fee $25 per item
VISA Gift Card Purchase Fee  $3 per item 
VISA Receipt Copy Fee $5 per receipt
VISA/ATM Replacement Card Fee $10 per card
VISA International Service Assessment Fee For purchases and cash advances made outside the United States the fee is 1% of the transaction amount for multi-currency transactions and 0.80% for single currency transactions.
Wire Transfer Fee:  
     International $50 per transfer
     Outbound to U.S. 
     financial institution
$10 per transfer

*Applies to consumer accounts only.

Business Account Fees:

Account Type Minimum Balance Requirement Allowable Items per Month*
Basic Business Checking None 100 ($0.50 per item over 100)
Premium Business Checking $5,000 ($15 monthly service charge if below minimum) 200 ($0.50 per item over 200)
Basic Business Savings $25 No more than 6 Reg D covered withdrawals per month
Business Money Market $2,500 ($10 monthly service charge if below minimum) $15 excessive Transaction Fee if more than three (3) debit transactions per calendar month

*Examples of allowable item transactions: Draft withdrawals, check deposits, and ACH withdrawals/deposits.

These fees are accurate as of the Effective Date indicated on this Fee Schedule. If you have any questions or require current fee information on your account(s), please call Credit Union of Colorado at 303-832-4816 or 1-800-444-4816.