How do I set up direct deposit of my payroll check?

In most cases, to set up direct deposit, you will need your full account number (13 digits) and routing number 302075128

You can access these through Digital Banking or from your mobile device.

Digital Banking:

  • After you are logged in, click on Accounts. Decide on the account you would like the direct deposit to go into (checking, savings, etc.).
  • To the right of that specific account's balances, it will say ACH Number. Hover over the 'i' for the routing number and right below that is your full 13-digit account number (you may need to click on the eye icon to make the account number visible).
  • You can also stop by your local branch or call us at (800) 444-4816 and we can provide you with a direct deposit form.
  • Your employer may want a voided check for proof of account, which we can also print out for you.

Click Here to download a PDF Direct Deposit Authorization form.