Chip technology comes to town.

New chip cards were issued to provide the highest standard of security for you. Using your new chip card(s) at a chip-enabled terminal provides the best line of defense against in-store fraud. If you have a new VISA debit or credit chip card and have not created your PIN please call our activation line at 855-477-1139.


Meet chip, the new way to feel more secure.

We’re pleased to upgrade you to a Visa® card with chip technology. The microchip embedded in your chip card may look small. But, it does a big job in protecting your personal information by creating a unique, one-time code that’s needed for each in-store transaction to be approved. To add to your security, this code is almost impossible for ID thieves to replicate.


Using a chip? There’s nothing to it.


Chip Card Step 1

Instead of swiping, insert the chip end of your card into the terminal.


Chip Card Step 2

Keep your card in the terminal to complete your purchase.


Chip Card Step 3

Remember to take your card with you when you leave.


Activate your card

Just follow these simple steps to start using your Visa chip card: 

  • Call 855-477-1139 to activate your new card today
  • Choose whatever 4-digit PIN you like
  • Cut up your old card; discard of it securely
  • Your card number will change, so be sure to update your information if you have set up any automatic payments.

Any questions? Visit our chip card FAQ.