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At Credit Union of Colorado we have two credit cards options, both with no annual fee! The first option is for members who use their card for convenience and want to get rewarded each time they use their card. The second option is for members who may need more time to pay off their balance and want the lowest rate possible. Either way, we have the card option for you.


VISA Credit Card

  • Platinum Rewards VISA–This card option gives you the benefit of our ScoreCard Rewards Program. With the ScoreCard Rewards Program you earn bonus points for each dollar you charge on any purchase. You can redeem these points for travel awards, brand name merchandise, gift cards and cash. Plus, this option includes a 25-day grace period for purchases. If you pay your balance off during the grace period for any purchase, you pay no interest at all. Travel Accident and Concierge service is also included for those who qualify.
  • Platinum VISA–With our Platinum series you get a low interest rate. This option also includes our 25-day grace period for purchases. You may also qualify for Travel Accident Insurance and Concierge service with a Platinum Preferred VISA.


VISA Platinum Credit Card Application [click here to download PDF]

VISA Credit Card Rates


Falcon Fraud Monitoring

Redeem your ScoreCard bonus points here... You earn bonus points for each dollar you charge in purchases with your VISA Platinum Preferred Rewards or Platinum Rewards Card. You can visit the ScoreCard website to redeem these points for travel awards and brand name merchandise. Click here to go to the ScoreCard website.  

If you have a lost or stolen VISA card, the loss must be reported during regular business hours or call the VISA hotline at 1-800-453-4270.

Get reassurance that only YOU can use your VISA Card online.

Verified by VISA protects your existing VISA card with a password you create, giving you reassurance that only you can use your VISA card online. Simply activate your card and create your personal password. You'll get the added confidence that your VISA card is safe when you shop at participating stores. Click here to activate your card.


Zip through online checkout with from VISA is a new service from Visa that lets you check out online without re-entering your payment and shipping information. For shoppers, it's a great way to manage your online shopping with a single account that you use anywhere that accepts Learn more.



Equal Housing Lender


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

This credit union is an Equal Housing Lender, we make loans without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status.